Friday, 22 July 2011

A Fool for Christ in a New Venue

This is my first posting being completely new to blogs and blogging.  I did not consider having a blog until I was encouraged to do so by my wife Lorna.  She set one up recently and offered to show me how to do it.  It was an offer I apparently couldn't refuse.  Consequently here I am blogging away. 

 As noted in  the heading of the blog (if it is called a heading) I have called the blog ‘Another Fool for Christ' as I am particularly fond of the verse from the bible 1 Cor 4: 10 "We are fools for Christ".  I first became aware of this verse synchronistically when I was at a workshop on the fool archetype and opened the bible to that verse.  However, I have been interested in the concept of the ‘fool’ most of my life being born on April Fool's Day 1949.

I have always liked being born on that date because early on I hear the possibly apocryphal story that Newfoundland was originally supposed to join Confederation on April 1, 1949.  However, Joey Smallwood reconsidered this because he didn’t want Newfoundland to be the eternal April Fool’s joke of Confederation.  Therefore he changed the date to March 31st.  It is, of course, too good a story to let the truth get in the way of telling it.  It is good, however, that Newfie Jokes seem to have become pass√© in recent years. 

In any case being a fool whether for Christ or not is a noble – even holy calling.  The Fool Archetype is one I particularly appreciate and the fool in literature is a character I particularly enjoy and one we all could benefit from in our lives.  May we all be blessed by more foolishness. 

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