Monday, 29 July 2013

Raffles and Roofs and Liturgy

I presided at St. George's Montague PEI yesterday and had a great experience worshipping with the BCP.  Part of what made the experience so positive was the singing of the liturgy by the congregation.  Although they a not great in number - there were 17 in attendance yesterday - they sing very well - both the liturgy and hymns.  There is also a very competent organist who is a life-long Anglican.  He plays at the Catholic Church in Souris before coming to Montague a bit of a rush for him but he usually makes it on time.  Yesterday the Catholics were worshipping 'in the field' -as he put it (their parish picnic as he clarified) and he left the music up to the guitarists.  Therefore he was able to arrive without it being a rush.

One interesting point occurred after the service.  One of the ladies of the church was, as I later found out, selling raffle tickets on behalf of the St. Alban's in Souris - their sister congregation in the Parish. St. Albans is raising money for a new roof - or I should say half roof.  They have enough money to  replace one half and need to raise the funds for the other half.  The lady selling the tickets instead of offering me an opportunity  to buy one or more said that she shouldn't let me see what she was doing.  When I found out what she was doing I realized that selling raffle tickets was frowned on by the Ecclesial powers that be in Diocese as they are in my home Diocese of Huron (gambling and all that).  However, I assured her that I had no problem with raising money in this way for such a good cause.  I was quite happy to buy some - Lorna actually did the evil deed buying 6 for $5.00 so my hand are clean.  It probably means I will not be able to use the quilt if we are fortunate enough to win it. 

Yes life does give us these serious ethical issues even at the cottage.  I hope yours are as easy to resolve. 

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