Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Canadian Hockey Culture

Happy Family Day to everyone who is celebrating it today and even if it is not an official holiday where you are go ahead anyway.  It was not really on my horizon as being semi-retired I have the day off anyway.  I guess I just have to remember not to go shopping today as most things are closed here in Ontario. 

I am doing an interim ministry at St. Stephen's Stratford until after Easter and had my second worship service yesterday.  I also did my first children's focus and there were four little girls in attendance before they went off to Sunday School.  I have had mixed feelings about 'children's focuses' as they can turn into 'children say the darndest things' and children on display for the congregation.  I try to keep it short and not too sweet and focus on sending them off to Sunday School.

Yesterday I did talk about family and getting to know the children a bit.  I didn't have Family Day specifically in mind but this morning what comes to mind is what makes up a family today.  We have the traditional - almost deceased idea of the nuclear family of a dad who goes out to work and a stay-at-home mom and two and a half kids.  I did have close to that when I was growing up although there were four children but that certainly wasn't my experience as an adult.  The permutations and combinations have increased exponentially in the last ten, twenty or even thirty years.  This of course has its positives and negatives as does just about everything in life but the main positive for me is that people who are on the outside of mainstream do have more opportunity to live in loving supportive relationships.  That for me is a big positive. 

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