Wednesday, 4 June 2014

THe Enneagram Part 1

I am now official Spiritual Directors and have the certificates to prove it.  It has been a wonderful two years for me and I have learned a lot and benefitted from the process not just in learning tools and techniques of the trade (so to speak) but also in experience and appreciation of God’s activity in my life and in the lives of others.
As part of the last Intensive we were given a good introduction to the Enneagram system of personality types by Radah Lion who did a marvellous job channelling each to the Enneagram types.  I was actually given a book on the topic a few years ago but never really got engaged by it as it seemed like another personality type system like the Myers Briggs.  In any case now that I have a better introduction to it I can see the potential benefits of it.  I am currently reading “Enneagram; A Christian Perspective" by Richard Rohr.  As Rohr notes it is not a system of self-improvement which would serve the ego position (our False Selves in which our egos are striving to maintain at all costs.  The goal is to move beyond the perspective of our egos and through God’s grace to be transformed more closely to our True Selves that God intends us to realize. 
I intend to continue to explore the Enneagram system in more depth and can see the potential application in Spiritual Direction as well as in my own life.  More on this later.  Peace,

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