Friday, 11 July 2014

Watching Pit Pony is the Pits

Watching 'Pit Pony' was the pits. It was almost worth the $1 price for the used VCR to have the pleasure of taking in a movie that tried so hard and achieved so little. It had all the elements and ensured they were there with a vengeance. They had the widower father with the adorable children and responsible older daughter and the younger son who was going to get out of the mines through staying in school. There was the tragedy of the father being injured and the older brother killed in a mine disaster so the younger boy had to go to work in the mines. There was the love interest with the older daughter and the love triangle between the romantic stranger from Scotland and the not so nice boy next door. There was the evil mine owner and corrupt miners' association boss. And of course there was the kindly farmer (player by Canadian Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas) who took the younger boy under his wing. There was the ultimate mine disaster where the boy saves the day and is the hero and is able to escape the mine. And let's not forget the adorable 'pit pony' who surprisingly didn't have a huge part in the story. You must see the ending - it must be seen to be believed but have your shot of insulin ready. The joys of rotten tomatoes.

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