Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Reading the Bible 3

So now what – what do we do after we have been kicked out of Paradise?  Certainly I have the urge to kill people (figuratively only) like Cain relationship to Able (no not my literal brother).  There is also the rage at the unfairness/whimsical nature of God – that’s what makes it a mystery.  Why reject Cain’s offering and accept Able’s – dad likes you best – not a good idea for any parent to show favouritism.  I wonder what family values God is modelling with the first family for us?  Perhaps God was still learning how to be a father (Father)?  Perhaps he didn’t have much more of an idea what children require than the rest of us the first time around.  It would be really nice to get a do over in raising our children.  We may not want to be our brother’s keeper any more than Cain did but hopefully we haven’t let the rage get the better of us.

In any case it would be really nice to receive the mark of Cain to let people know that if you mess with me God is going to get you.

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