Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Reading the Bible 4

I am into Noah territory today.  I have had some interesting discussion with a few people about the ark and what the story represents.  Despite all they said I cannot bring myself to believe that two of all the animal plus food for all could fit into a boat.  Perhaps that is my lack of faith or perhaps God wants me to look at the truth of that story in a different way.  I think it is unfortunate that we sometimes get into arguments about how to understand the events in the Bible.  Let’s put aside disagreements about whether the events happened as described and look at why the stories are still meaningful to people five, six, seven eight or ? thousand years later. 

I find it significant that the description of the ark is provided in great detail.  It is helpful whenever we are undertaking something new that we have detailed plans for what we are going to do and where we are heading.  This is especially important for someone like me who is more of a big picture person and doesn’t always or often? pay attention to details as Lorna will attest.  Whether you want to build a cottage in PEI or an ark to carry every kind of earthy creature it is good to have a plan.  Good advice for someone in transition.

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