Wednesday, 7 January 2015

So You’ve Written a Book (Part 1)

My Adventures in Publishing

I have recently had my first book, The Ego and the Bible: Stories of Divinely Intended Ego, published.  I thought I would write about my experience as a way of sharing the experience as well as giving my thought is some kind of perspective.

It has been a process that has been both less and more involved that I had anticipated.  I had not given much thought to getting the book published when I began writing it so I guess I didn’t really anticipate much about it.   On reflection I don’t think I had any particular thoughts about this other than I would start to investigate the publishing process once I had the book written.  I could say that writing was what really mattered and that I had no real desire one way or another for it actually being published.  However, that is not the real truth as I have wanted to have a book or books in print for quite some time.  It was however, a ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ idea rather than something I had actively pursued to this point.

After my most recent retirement—this one from parish ministry—I thought one of my retirement projects would be to actually work at writing a book.  I had a few ideas that didn’t develop into anything specific until the idea that resulted in my book began to take shape.  I was asked recently how I come up with the idea and I must admit my memory is rather fuzzy on this point.  The best I can say is that it didn’t come as a ‘road to Damascus’ experience in a flash of inspiration,  It was more of a process which brought together two of my abiding interests; the bible as the inspired word of God, and the psychology of Carl Jung.  In my reflecting on my own life and studies in Spiritual Direction I have become more and more convinced that the ego is both the greatest gift of God to humankind.  However, it is also the greatest challenge (I won’t say curse even if it sometimes seems that way).  The idea or concept began to come together that, if the bible is comprised, in part, of stories of God’s influence and inspiration for people—which I believe it is—then the stories would be influenced to a lessor or greater extent by the egos of the people in those stories.   I understand egos to be an integral part of people being created in God’s image. 

All this is by way of context for my purpose—which is to write about the process in getting my book published.   One I felt the manuscript was in shape to begin the publishing process. I began to research publishers that might be interested.  I checked the books that were in my bookcases that were of similar focus to see who had published them.  Once I had a list I started to check them out on line and discovered that, I can safely say, all of them wanted the author to do a lot of things which I guess I had considered would be done by the publisher e.g. do a lot of initial editing and come up with a detailed marketing plan.  As editing and marketing are not my strengths, as people who know me will attest, I was rather discouraged.  However, I persevered and considered what I might do in this area.  I got together the details of what one publisher required and sent off the material to what seemed like a good possibility—and waited a bit.  Patience is a virtue.  However, a response did not come out of that void.   I will end the account here and continue the rest of the story in Part 2. 

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