Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Lord Give Me Patience

I was planning to write about the concepts of ‘thin places’ which is one particularly in Celtic Spirituality.  However, I ran into a challenge this morning with my computer and spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to get my computer display back to normal.  All of a sudden completely spontaneously various apps in the internet were displayed in what I can call a manner which were not to my liking  (taking out the expletives from my reaction).  My gmail appeared in tiny text as did other displays on the internet.  The more I tried to correct it and reset my computer back to the original settings the worse it go.  At one point Huffington Post which is one of my main sources for news appeared on the only half of the screen (it was the right half which was ironic form a site that is generally not right wing in its perspective.  I tried various things like restarting my electronic companion which didn’t help and googling for help was of limited help as the print was too small to read easily.  I finally got a helpful hint to zoom the screen display by using control +.  This worked and everything seems to be fine—until next time when things happen seemingly spontaneously (of course it could never be my fault). 

I any case, once things seemed to be back to normal I then checked out the recent Daily Meditations from Richard Rohr to get caught up thinking this would be a least something productive I could do.  The first one I looked at dealt with patience.  Well not being one to pass up an occurrence of synchronicity I decided to pass on the message on practicing patience.  For those of you not familiar with the concept of synchronicity, it is a concept which was explored and developed by Carl Jung which simply put is a significant coincidence.  If two or more things happen that seem to have no direct connection but are related in a meaningful way they may have happened for a reason.  In any case I was, to put it mildly, impatient with the events around the behaviour of my computer and I received a message about practicing patience.  Below is the message about practicing patience: 
Brother Joseph Schmidt writes of a time when Thérèse of Lisieux counseled someone who was impatient with her own impatience:
 Thérèse was asking the sister . . . Can you be willing to be patient with yourself until God gives you the grace to be patient with the sisters? Can you accept and love yourself and not become your own adversary? Can you bear serenely the distress and personal trial of knowing that you have the weakness of impatience? Success in virtue is not the point. Love--love of the sisters in their weakness and love of yourself in your inadequacy--that, Thérèse was trying to say, is the point.
 So I invite you to practice patience. It surely does take practice, and God will no doubt allow you many opportunities to learn. When you are in a hurry or impatient for some particular outcome, first observe the sensation in your body. Notice what this impatience feels like, where it shows up--for example, your jaw, neck, chest, or gut. Be present to the feeling. Slowly expand your awareness to include what your senses are taking in from the outside world--what you see, touch, smell, or taste. Be present to this moment. Let the reality of both your impatience and the outer reality be as they are, without your attachment to them. It is what it is. And all is grace.

My God give me the patience to practice patience.  Blessings 

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